module 15: narrative research

module 15: narrative research

  • module 15: narrative research
    9:30 am - 5:00 pm
    Fri 20/09: 9.30 am - 5.00 pm | S9 room 3.1

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week 2


As the framework chosen influences the research design, the types of questions and problems examined, the approach to data collection, analysis, evaluation and the writing of a summary of results, it is key to be mindful about the methodological approach chosen for your study. In this one-day course, a specific narrative approach is the framework for the discovery of further steps to be taken in your qualitative study: from research question to writing up your findings. Interested in studying lived experiences, identity and self-image the Listening Guide Method serves as a renewing vantage point for narrative inquiry. As goes for every chosen research matrix, any method of data collection needs to be responsive to the research question and reflect the most effective strategy for addressing that question - this also applies to the Listening Guide Method. This course provides specific guidelines for formulating your research question, collection and analyzing data and writing up your findings based on a Listening Guide approach. The Listening Guide Method is a voice-centered relational method focusing on learning to know the inner world of another person. A person’s different voices give expression to one’s invisible inner subjective world. Speaking is viewed as a multi-layered expression of power dynamics on and among personal, discursive and cultural levels of meaning-generating.

Course structure

The course will consist of lectures and group sessions


A background in arts or social sciences is an advantage but not a requirement.


Dr. Hubert Van Puyenbroeck holds a phd in Psychological Sciences and has currently a post-doc position at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. His phd 'I (h)as an audience was published in 2014. He teaches courses in Qualitative Research within the Flemish interuniversity FLAMES-network and is supervising different studies in the domain of family therapy and sexology.


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