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Summer School

FLAMES organizes a two week Summer School aiming at providing practical methodological and statistical training to young researchers (particularly PhD students) from all disciplines.
After the success of the yearly FLAMES Summer School since 2013 once again a variety of courses from experts in statistics and in qualitative methodology are going to be offered throughout this year’s edition at University of Antwerp.
Whether you are a complete dummy, a starter with a limited knowledge, or a more experienced researcher with a broad basic knowledge in the world of methodology and statistics, the FLAMES summer school offers courses at your level, which emphasizes everyday research practice.


05/09/2022 - 16/09/2022

University of Antwerp


The program consists of 19 courses (called modules) from which participants can choose. Each module seamlessly connects theory with hands-on exercises or lab sessions, focusing on various disciplines and software packages whenever possible.

Pre Summer School

The Pre Summer School “Introduction to R” is only available for participants of the Flames Summer School. Participating in a summer school course based on R requires you to understand R and have the skills to use R. If you don’t know R but subscribe for an R-based summer school course: you may subscribe for the Introduction to R free of charge, an online course from August 29th until September 2nd.

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