Cancellation policy

The number of persons interested in FLAMES courses is much higher than the number of spots that we can offer. There is always a waiting list and we want our courses to be accessible to as many Phd students and postdocs as possible. So, we do not want empty seats in our classroom, with people on the waiting list.


Please notify us two weeks before the event in case you cannot attend the event and need to cancel you registration. Obviously, there are valid reasons for late cancellations as well (sickness, family circumstances,…). Please don’t be a no-show!


Unfortunately, we typically see that about 20% of the registered and confirmed participants do not show up, without a timely notification. This is impolite towards us as an organizing team, but we also find this inconsiderate towards all other Phd students and postdocs on the waiting list. Therefore we howe a no-show policy:


>> First no-show

We send a nasty mail to you and your supervisor, outlining our no-show policy. Unless we receive a valid reason for not showing up at the last minute, you will receive a yellow card.


>> Second no-show

Without a valid reason and timely notification, you will receive a red card, and will not be admitted to any further FLAMES events.