Statistics courses & seminars

Overview of all courses and seminars organized by FLAMES about quantitative methods .

2019 Apr

start date courses & seminars
29/04/2019 Importing & Tidying Data in R (fully booked)

2019 May

start date courses & seminars
09/05/2019 Survival Analysis in R
15/05/2019 A Gentle Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
21/05/2019 Introduction to R
28/05/2019 Vulnerable Groups, Fieldwork & Missing Data: a qualitative and quantitative approach

2019 Jun

start date courses & seminars
03/06/2019 Tools for Multivariate Data Analysis (fully booked)
17/06/2019 Graphics in R
17/06/2019 Essential Tools for R (fully booked)
20/06/2019 Introduction to R