Photovoice: the use of participatory photography in qualitative research – ONLINE

Photovoice: the use of participatory photography in qualitative research – ONLINE

  • Photovoice session I
    10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Photovoice session II
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Photovoice is one of the most widespread methodologies of the use of photographs in research studies. Building on the principles of participatory research, participants are provided with cameras and are in charge of the ‘photo’ and ‘voice’ aspect of the research.
More and more qualitative researchers are discovering the unique opportunities of this methodology. It enables participants (patients, clients, children, youngsters, local residents, employees) to express themselves and record and reflect daily experiences and issues of concern. It can also be used for various goals (including monitoring/evaluation, needs assessment, research and advocacy).

This online training is designed for those new to photovoice and provides a detailed introduction into the key aspects of this approach.

By the end of this course, you will have an understanding of:
• the main principles and theoretical foundations of photovoice;
• the steps involved in conducting a photovoice project;
• how to plan a photovoice activity with individuals or groups;
• the ways photovoice findings can be disseminated to a broad audience;
• the ethical issues around taking photos for photovoice and strategies for ensuring safety;
• different strategies for interpreting photovoice data (photos, text) and how to engage participants in interpretation.

The main principle of this online class is learning by doing. Therefore we will combine the theory with practical exercises to learn and experience parts of the photovoice process. As this is an interactive course, there is room for questions and exchange between participants.

This course consists of two parts:
• Part I: Tuesday, March 8: 10-13h
• Part II: Tuesday, March 15 : 10-16h

In between both sessions you will be asked to perform a small exercise.


No previous knowledge or experience with photovoice or photography is required.
The module will be taught in English.

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