Narrative Analysis

Narrative Analysis

  • 29/10/2020 - 30/10/2020
    9:00 am - 4:30 pm

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qualitative seminar | level: beginner | register now
affiliation: KU Leuven


This seminar is intended for doctoral students and other researchers who are working with narratives to investigate people’s experiences life-worlds and identities. The focus will be on listening. How do we listen to people’s narratives? What voices do we hear or not hear? How can we bring ourselves into relationship with the life-worlds of others? Who is speaking and to whom? In what body or physical space? Telling what stories about which relationships? In what societal and cultural frameworks?

Besides other narrative approaches, the Listening Guide Method developed by Carol Gilligan and colleagues is designed specifically for answering those questions. It specifies a series of listenings as a way of gaining entry into the inner world of another person: Listening for the plot; listening for the I, listening for contrapuntal voices (meaning for voices in the narrative that speak to the researcher’s question and the interplay between them). The evidence gathered through these listenings provides an empirical basis for composing an analysis or interpretation.

During the seminar some narrative approaches and more specifically the Listening Guide Method will be presented and demonstrated. Next participants will be guided through a listening guide analysis using their own narrative materials (transcripts of interviews or therapy sessions, letters, diaries, trial transcripts, etc) or working in small groups. This will be a working seminar and by the end of it, everyone should have an initial grasp of how to do a listening guide analysis as an example of narrative inquiry.

The seminar will be conducted in English. Participants who have interview transcripts or other narrative texts are invited to bring one to work on in the seminar. For those who don’t, materials will be provided.


Due to Corona regulations, only 15 participants can take part in this seminar.You will have to wear a mouth cap for the entire seminar.

Following a possible change in the current pandemic situation and new government regulations, it is possible that the seminar will be cancelled or done remotely.

Background readings

A reader will be available.


Due to the circumstances of limited places, priority is given to PhD students of a Flemish university
PhD's of a Flemish university: free of charge


Attention! A change of venue is possible and you will notify via email.

On October 29th:
PC class: 02.22
VHI Van Den Heuvelinstituut
Dekenstraat 2

On October 30th:
PC class: 02.23
VHI Van Den Heuvelinstituut
Dekenstraat 2


prof. dr. Gerrit Loos

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