Multiple factor analysis (online)

Multiple factor analysis (online)

  • 03/06/2020
    1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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affiliation: Ghent University


Are you concerned about how reproducible your data derived results will be? Have you seen statistics in a class but want to dig deeper? Are you using a statistical method but wonder if it is the best one to use?
The editors of Nature appreciate that it is tricky enough for a scientist to keep up-to-date in their own field, let alone in the ever expanding field of statistics. To help ease the burden on scientists, they have introduced a column on statistics to one of their publications, Nature Methods, called Points of Significance. On regular occasions during the academic year, a statistician from FIRE or FLAMES will lead a discussion of a statistics topic from a Points of Significance article or on a new topic.

This seminar is about Multiple Factor Analysis:
Dimensionality reduction techniques such as Principal component /Factor analysis and correspondence analysis maybe limited in the presence of data that are grouped under well-defined themes or when different variable types are involved (continuous and categorical) Multiple Factor Analysis (MFA) is dedicated to datasets where variables are structured into groups and when several sets of variables (continuous or categorical) are simultaneously studied. In this seminar, you are going to explore the basic features of MFA using the FactoMineR package which further allows you to generate clusters using the principal components. Attention will be given to useful outputs and their interpretations.

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Dr Emmanuel Abatih

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