Method in Research Design – ONLINE

Method in Research Design – ONLINE

  • 18/11/2020 - 20/11/2020
    10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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affiliation: Vrije Universiteit Brussel


This 3-day FLAMES course offers you an overview of the entire research cycle, starting with guidelines for
positioning your research; formulation of proper research questions and hypotheses; continuing with the choice
study design (experiment, cross sectional, longitudinal, case study), and sampling design (random, non-random);
discussing important issues that need consideration during the phase of data collection (qualitative, quantitative);
research ethics and research integrity; and finally, reporting the research in a scientific manner including
considerations of archiving data and GDPR. By the end of the course, students are (among other things) able to:

1. Explain the differences between a conceptual and technical research design
2. Understand the differences of research approaches in the Context of Discovery and in the Context of
3. Position a study in the problem-solving cycle by formulating the research objective in terms of a "why" and a
"what" of the study
4. Understand when qualitative research is appropriate, and when quantitative research is appropriate
5. Understand what are good research questions, and arrive at corresponding hypotheses
6. Describe the defining features of experimental, cross sectional, longitudinal and case study design and make an
informed choice of an appropriate study design
7. Understand the basic principles of operationalization of one- and multidimensional concepts
8. Describe the pros and cons of different data collection methods (qualitative, quantitative)
9. Clarify what random and non-random sampling is about
10. Design a scientific research plan and evaluate the design in terms of internal and external validity

The general set-up of this course consists of lecturing with assignments where students are invited to apply
principles of research design to their own ongoing research. Students are encouraged to bring along a 1-page
summary of their research project.


No previous experience is required.

Background readings

Tobi, H. & J. K. Kampen (2018). Research design: The Methodology for Interdisciplinary Research Framework,
Quality & Quantity 52: 1209-1225.


PhDs and postdocs of a Flemish University: € 0 Other academics: € 180 Non-profit/Public sector: € 300 Private sector: € 600




Prof. Jarl Kampen

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