Intervision session for advanced PhD students

Intervision session for advanced PhD students

  • 07/12/2021
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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PhD students often experience particular challenges in the process of analyzing their qualitative data and writing chapters/papers about these analyses. This seminar entails an intervision between PhD students who are at a more advanced stage of their research. The workshop expects PhD’s to discuss these challenges among each other under guidance of two experts in qualitative research. Although this seminar focuses on the process of writing and qualitative data-analysis, given the nature of qualitative research, it is possible that a discussion on these issues leads into other aspects of a qualitative research, such as the development of research questions, data-collection and ethics.
In line with the actual meaning and purpose of an intervision activity, this seminar allows its participants, as a team, to give feedback and discuss each other’s research issues. Dimitri Mortelmans and Peter Stevens will act thereby as moderators. The starting point is that your experiences in doing qualitative data-analysis are relevant for each other and that common issues and solutions can be identified by sharing and discussing your experiences. This contrasts to a ‘supervision session’, in which we would take the role of advisors and more actively address questions. Obviously, where relevant, we hope to contribute as well by sharing our experiences, but doing so is not the key purpose of the seminar leaders in an intervision session.
Each participating PhD student has the opportunity to bring in one case (i.e. a problem you encountered in your qualitative research trajectory). In preparation of this intervision, we expect each participant to send us a one-pager with the following information: (1) what is your research about? (or what is the qualitative component about?) (max ½ page) and (2) what is the case you would like to discuss in the intervision, more specifically what problem do you want to be discussed in the intervision? (max 1/2 page). These one-pagers should be sent to the two moderators by email at least one week before the start of the seminar: and
Given the focused and intensive nature of the discussions, a maximum of 6 PhD students will be allowed to participate in this seminar. It is important to stress that this seminar is intended for PhD students who are at an advanced stage of their research, and should have already collected and analyzed part of their data. It is important that you only register for this seminar if you have a strong commitment to participate and think along with your colleagues’ problems as well.


This seminar is intended for PhD students who are at an advanced stage of their research, and should have already collected and analyzed (a substantial part of their) data.

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PhD's or postdocs of a Flemish university: free of charge
Other academics: 30 €
Non-profit/Public sector: 50 €
Private sector: 100 €


Ghent University - Campus Dunant
Building 24.01 - Dunant 2 -
Henri Dunantlaan 2, 9000 Gent

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Dimitri Mortelmans & Peter Stevens

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