Graphics in R – ON CAMPUS

Graphics in R – ON CAMPUS

  • Part 1: Traditional graphics & automation
    9:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Part 2: ggplot2
    9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Course details

statistics course | level: intermediate | register now
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affiliation: Ghent University


R has great features to make graphics and produce attractive figures. This workshop is intended for R users who want to take full advantage of the graphical possibilities of R and who want to improve their graphical skills in R using the traditional graphics system and the add-on package ggplot2.

Course content
Part 1 - Traditional graphics
• High and low level plot functions
• Annotations
• Multipanel plots
• Loops
• Custom-made functions
• Lists
Part 2 - Introduction to ggplot2
• Building a plot layer by layer
• Faceting
• Multiple plots on the same page
• Adding statistical summaries

Course timeline
• May 6, 2022: course material available (you will receive a self-study package)
• May 17, 2022 9.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.: part 1
  - Q&A session 1: traditional graphics
  - Live teaching automation + exercise
  - Q&A session 2: exercise
• May 19, 2022 9.30 a.m. - 10.30 a.m.: part 2
  - Q&A session 3: ggplot2


Participants should be able to read in and manipulate data in R. If you have no idea what the following commands mean, the course is too advanced for you:
mydata <- read.table (“c:/temp/rawdata.txt”,header=T, dec=”,”)
Course is open for researchers from all fields. No prior knowledge on statistics is assumed. The course does not involve statistical data analyses.

Background readings


PhDs and post-docs of a Flemish university: free of charge
Other academics, Non-profit/Social sector: 300 €
Private sector: 800 €

Please book the appropriate ticket of the category to which you belong. Do not book a different category, as your registration will be invalid. If your category is sold out, please register on the waiting list.


Ghent University:

Day 1:
PC laptoplokaal 3.1 Konrad Zuse – S9
Campus Sterre-3rd Floor
Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Gent

Day 2:
Lokaal: leslokaal 1.3 – S8
Campus Sterre, gebouw40.08 - S8-First Floor
Krijgslaan 281, 9000 Gent


Prof. An Carbonez, Prof. Erik Fransen

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