customizing reports with Rmarkdown (fully booked)

customizing reports with Rmarkdown (fully booked)

  • customizing reports with Rmarkdown
    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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affiliation: Ghent University


Rmarkdown provides a seamless integration of R-code and text, resulting in a more convenient work flow and more reproducible research (no more cutting and pasting the wrong or outdated graph into your report).
This workshop presents the basics of Rmarkdown. After a slide show presenting the different components, code illustrating different aspects is made available to the participants to run through, test and question in a short practical session.
What you will learn:

  • Selecting output formats
  • Basic customization
  • Advanced customization:
    • Focus on pdf output
    • References for other output-types
  • Tables: basic and comple
  • Including figures:
    • Graphs produced in R
    • External figures
  • Citations and bibliography


The workshop is open to everyone with some basic experience using R.
For the practical, following software needs to be installed:

  • R (
    • Packages: tidyverse, rmarkdown, knitr, kableExtra, pander
  • RStudio (
  • Miktex (

Background readings



online - via Bongo Virtual Classroom


Dries Reynders: Dries Reynders obtained a master’s degree in Physics and in Statistical Data Analysis. Focusing on survival analysis in clinical trials and observational data, he has been working as a statistical consultant for Stat-Gent, Ghent University since 2015.

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