An introduction to the concepts of quantitative research

An introduction to the concepts of quantitative research

  • 05/05/2021
    1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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statistics seminar | level: beginner | register now
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affiliation: Hasselt University


We will explain the basics of quantitative research and we will focus on techniques that are encountered regularly by qualitative researchers. We will start with the very basics of hypothesis testing (type I/II error and p-value). Next we will introduce ways to describe relationships between variables (t-test, chi-squared test, regression) and explain the terminology and methodology associated with these relationships. If time allows, we will mention some more advanced techniques like principal component analysis, factor analysis, …
We do not explain how to use software to run the tests/techniques. If you are interested in applying software, we recommend taking another course (e.g. Flames Summer School).


You have no or limited knowledge of the quantitative/statistical part of research.

Background readings


PhDs and postdocs of a Flemish university: 0 €
Other academics: 30 €
Non-profit/Social sector: 50 €
Private sector: 100 €




Ruth Nysen

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