Courses & seminars

FLAMES organizes several courses into methodology and statistics throughout the academic year. The level of difficulty ranges from beginner, over intermediate to advanced. Our program includes inter-university courses and local events. Inter-university courses are multi-day courses on statistical or methodological topics, that are a collaboration between FLAMES coordinators from at least 3 universities. The venue of inter-university courses rotates between the five universities, and some of the courses are organized more than once a year. Local events are organized by one university, and include seminars, workshops and 1-to-many day courses.

All FLAMES courses are free of charge for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. The courses are also accessible to researchers form other (non-Flemish) universities and for people from the private sector, albeit not free of charge.

2019 Oct

start date courses & seminars
01/10/2019 Qualitative research seminars (registration will open soon)

2019 Dec

start date courses & seminars
11/12/2019 How to use Error Bars
13/12/2019 Method in Data Collection (fully booked - waiting list open)
17/12/2019 ANOVA and Regression with SAS

2020 Jan

start date courses & seminars
13/01/2020 Importing & Tidying Data in R (with Tidyverse) [fully booked - waiting list open]

2020 Feb

start date courses & seminars
03/02/2020 Survival Analysis in R
12/02/2020 Introduction to R

2020 Apr

start date courses & seminars
22/04/2020 Introduction to JMP