The Flames courses of the Summer School are in high demand and always have considerable waiting lists with interested potential participants, so we aim to fill all the available places in each course. Therefore, we have a strict cancellation policy in place allowing us to maintain the standards of our courses and to increase the chances of participation for each interested individual.

For PhD students, a Flames course is a formal part of their doctoral training, the cost of which is covered for by the doctoral schools. For private sector and non-profit participants, the payable fee covers the working costs of their participation in the course or workshop. Once enrolled, all participants are expected to participate online and/or be present on site. PhD students are also expected to inform their supervisor of their enrolment.

Late cancellations or no-shows have several negative consequences for the course organizers and potential participants:
  • Other interested researchers have no chance to participate.
  • The cost per participant increases substantially.
  • Food, materials and time are wasted.
  • Smaller groups will not guarantee the quality of courses/workshops or may lead to a complete cancellation of the course in question.

If by chance you have to cancel your enrolment or withdraw from a course for which you registered, we kindly ask you to inform us as soon as possible. In order to compensate for the incurred financial and material expenses in case of a late cancellation or no-show, the following regulations apply:

  1. WRITTEN CANCELLATION: All participants need to inform the course organizer by email/in writing of a cancellation or withdrawal from the course. The message must be despatched no later than 7 calendar days before the (starting) date of a regular course and 14 calendar days before the (starting) date of a summer school course.
  2. PENALTY WITHIN 7 CALENDER DAYS for a regular course / 14 days for a summer school course: A cancellation or withdrawal less than 7 calendar days for a regular course or 14 days for a summer school course before the start of the module without a valid reason will invoke the following penalties:
    1. The promotor of the PhD students will be notified .
    2. Private/non-profit participants will be charged a cancellation fee of 100 euros per course per day that will be deducted from the total sum eligible for reimbursement.
  3. VALID REASONS FOR CANCELLATION: events that will not invoke a cancellation fee are:
    1. Documented illness.
    2. Documented cases of personal or family emergencies.

      The reasons for cancellation will have to be duly documented with a medical certificate (illness) or an official declaration (emergencies) . The documents will have to be mailed to the contact person of that specific course (see course information). within 5 working days after the cancellation. Failure to comply with these documentation terms will invoke the cancellation penalties under 2.

  4. NO-SHOW – in case of an unannounced no-show on the day of the course/workshop:
    1. The PhD student will be charged a one-off personal fee of 100 EUR (irrespective of the duration of the course) and will prohibited from entering another course for the next 6 months.
    2. Private/non-profit participants will be charged the full participation fee of the course/workshop without any form of reimbursement.
    3. The no-show penalties above will not be due if the participant can provide the documents for the valid reasons stated under 3 above, to be mailed to within 3 working days after the scheduled date of the course.
    4. REPEAT CANCELLATIONS: in case of a second last-minute cancellation or no-show, participants will not be allowed to enter a Flames course again; PhD students’ promotors will be notified of the repeat infringement.


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