Venue & travel


It is advised to come by public transport: the auditorium is about 10’ walk from Brussels Central railway station. No cars are allowed at the Martelaarsplein.
The Martelaarsplein is located in the heart of Brussels centre. So after the meeting you may take some time to stroll around the beautiful area with its neoclassical architecture, do some shopping, have a Friday afternoon drink with some of your colleagues or just have an inspiring walk on your way back to the railway station.



You will be asked to sign up for your attendance at the reception desk before entering the auditorium



There is no WiFi available in the auditorium, as it is located in a governmental building.
You may use 4G on your personal account.


registrations are open from 9 am
The meeting will start at 9.30am
Lunch will be provided in the room next to the auditorium.
The meeting will close by 3pm.

Venue address
Flames Annual Meeting
auditorium Maria Baers
Martelaarsplein 7
1000 Brussels