Annual meeting: Friday April 26, 2019

The Flames Annual Meeting is an annual one-day symposium on hot topics in the field of statistics and methodology with prominent speakers from academia, non-profit and industry, as well as policy makers.


Fake news, how we may tackle fake news

False reporting, disinformation, hype, and spin, whatever it’s called, it’s propaganda, it’s lies. The phenomenon itself, however, is as old as the concept of communication itself. Nevertheless, in our digital age, the problem has become far more acute. The digitisation of disinformation and by that the exposure of citizens to large scale disinformation is a major challenge for all. Moreover, as scientists we look for truthfullness, and thus we are constantly in tension with any disinformation whatsoever that may threaten the reliability of our gathered knowledge and the credibility of science. But what needs to and can be done to tackle this problem of ‘fake news’?


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Every two year Flames (Flanders Training Network for Methodology and Statistics) hands out an original Award for the excellent ambassadorship for the good use of methodology and statistics. This year’s nominees for the FLAMES 2019 Award are:

  • Organisation Statistics Flanders
  • CurieuzeNeuzen
  • Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI)
  • Belgian Health Care Knowledge Center (KCE)


The Award, an original piece of art designed by the renowned artist Anjo Brohm, will be presented at our Flames Annual Meeting on April 26. So, sign up for the Flames Annual Meeting right now, come to participate together with our excellent speakers in a most inspiring debate on ‘Fake News: how to tackle it’ and discover who won the Flames 2019 Award.

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Flames Annual Meeting
auditorium Maria Baers
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1000 Brussels